Saturday, September 26, 2009

Anjoman mountain region, Afghanistan. A trip in May 1996

Climbing with Bruce Watson at around 5500 m in the Hindu Kush. This valley is south of the mountain village of Anjoman. Photo: Bob McKerrow

A Panchjeri defending the valley with an anti aircraft gun. We drove up the Panjcher Valley and then walked over the Anjoman Pass, down to Anjoman village, then turned right into the valley leading up to some unclimbed 6000 m peaks. Photo : Bob McKerrow

At our base camp in 1996 from where we attempted a 6000 m peak. Bruce Watson, Ross Everson and Mathias (AVICEN) Ross and Mathias climbed it. Photo: Bob McKerrow

The author at over 5000 m in the Hindu Kush. Phot: Bob McKerrow

A snowy pool just below in the lower valley. Photo: Bob McKerrow

Looking to the high Hindu Kush. Photo: Bob McKerrow

Crossing the Anjuman Pass ( Kotali Anjuman). Ian Clarke, a British Halo trust de-miner. I did many crossings of this pass in 1994-96. This one was in early 1995. Photo: Bob McKerrow

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Samay Hamed 9 11 children

My good friend Samay Hamed sent me his most recent poem about 9/11. It is well-composed and evocative.

I wish a small rainbow of a kite
From a burnt roof in Kabul
Could fly to New York... Read More
And a colorful bird in a drawing pad page
From an orphanage room in New York
Could fly to Kabul
So children of 911 both here and there
Could understan...d
There are no just suicide bombers in Afghanistan
There are no just politicians in the US
There are children who play and dream
Of a free and fresh future
They could understand each other
They will meet each other as tourists
Not as soldiers