Sunday, December 23, 2007

Poem - Mountains of our Mind

One cold Autumn day in Sept. 1994, I wsa camped under the peak of Mir Samir in the Chamar Valley, Afghanistan, and was so inspired by the landscape, I wrote this poem which later became the title of my book.

Mountains of our Mind
From the courtyard of our dreams
To the mountains of our mind
We escape the blood and violence
To a white world sublime

Born on the edge of a cloud
I saw snowflakes form
Together we danced a ring of fire
Before the day was born

We travel on a moonship
Where lunacy dictates
Where love is like a mountain
And where there is no hate

We scud along the summit ridge
Where the updrafts push
I am the King of Kabul
And lord the Hindu Kush

Bob McKerrow

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