Sunday, February 15, 2009

Afghan Wind

Here is a poem I wrote in 1976 when I was working in Afghanistan after a huge earthquake in Khulm, near Samangan.


Whisper wind, whisper highe.
Over mosaic dome and silver spire
Blow on in a peaceful hush,
Don't disturb the Hindu Kush

Whisper wind, whisper loud
Through stormy and knotted clouds
Twist back the timeless desert sands
To Alexander, Chengis Khan and Timurlane

Tell us wind, tell us all
Of those long and desperate wars
Thrice the British tried to part
Your lands beneath the Khyber Pass

Tell us wind, tell us more
Of home-forged guns, knives and swords
Restricting all foreign powers
Always free as almond flowers

Whisper wind, whisper proud
Landlocked people, women under shroud
Bearded men of determination
Children working for a nation

Whisper wind, whisper higher
To a faith rid of earthly desire
And to Allah absolute
Whisper wind of these truths

Samanghan, April 1976

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